“Pastille des Alpes”
combines authenticity and modernity

These “good pastilles” are made of mountain flowers and plants. Geoffroy Mollier has been forging relationships with producers and pickers who supply him with the Alpine plants The eight recipes in the first collection, produced in his workshop , are sugar free, with no added sugar, and respect the artisanal production process, which does not utilise cooking. It preserves all flavours and characteristics of the plants, which imparts to each pastille an exceptional taste.

Fresh, mild or fruity

A whole range with authentic flavours.

Without colouring

Geoffroy Mollier has chosen
to use a recyclable protective
made in France,
and easily carried around.

Each flavour is a true gustatory journey:
original for Génépi of Savoie,
authentic for Blueberry
(Pastilles des Alpes contain 5 % of dehydrated
blueberries,which equate to 40% of fresh
blueberries),sour for raspberry, fresh for
mints and Méli-mélo of flowers and
, sweet and creamy
Pine in the warmth of 
Southern Alps.

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