General Sales Conditions

Purpose and extent

These general terms and conditions of sales (so-called GCS) shall govern and form an integral part of all agreements entered into between on the one hand SAS L’Atelier des Lacs, a company with a share capital of 10.000 € with registered office at 45, rue Victor Hugo 74210 Faverges-Seythenex, France, RCS Annecy B 822 826 764,( hereafter referred to as “L’Atelier des Lacs”) and managing the website (hereafter referred to as the “Site”) and on the other hand, any private person or legal entity wishing to make a purchase via the web site ( hereafter referred to as the “Client”).  

These conditions of sales shall define all contractual relations between L’Atelier des Lacs and the Client, and the conditions applicable to any purchase made via the website

Purchasing a product or a service through this Site implies the full acceptance without reserve of these sales conditions by the Client; the Client acknowledging to have taken full and prior knowledge of them before placing the order.  Before any transaction, the Client declares on the one hand that the purchase of products on the website has no direct connection with his /her professional activity and is limited to a strictly personal use and on the other hand that he/she is legally fully responsible for making a commitment in conformance with the present general conditions of sale.

L’Atelier des Lacs reserve sales of products on this site to Clients located in Metropolitan France, Corsica, and EU. For shipments over 30 kilos or outside EU, please contact our Customer Service via address or by
telephone +33 (0)6 82 00 46 44 (switchboard L’ Atelier des Lacs).

The company L’Atelier des Lacs reserve the right to amend all the time these sales conditions, in order to comply with any new law or in order to improve the use of their website. Consequently, the conditions applicable shall be the ones in force at the date of purchase by the Client.


The products offered for sale (“The Products”) are those displayed on this website of the company L’Atelier des Lacs within the limits of available stocks. The company L’Atelier des Lacs reserve the right to modify all the time the assortment of products. Each product on site is presented with a description of its main features. Photographs are as faithful as possible but do not commit the Seller.  L’Atelier des Lacs reserve the right to stop commercialization of any Product and/or to modify all the time the characteristics of their products, without notice and without this modification opening the rights to damages.


Prices indicated on the products information sheets of the Internet catalogue are expressed in Euros (€) inclusive of all taxes (TTC) taking into account VAT applicable on the purchase day. Any VAT rate change shall be passed on the price of products. The company L’Atelier des Lacs reserve the right to modify their prices all the time, knowing that the price listed in the catalogue on the day of the purchase will apply to the buyer.  Prices indicated are exclusive of delivery charges which will be invoiced in addition to the purchased products, depending on the total amount of the order, and exclusive of any optional services purchased, such as e.g. the customization of some product packages, expressly subscribed by the Client and that remain at his charge. The Client will be informed of these costs on the final order summary displayed on screen before final validating of the order and prior to any settlement. In metropolitan France, for any order above or equal to 45 Euros (inclusive of VAT) TTC, shipping is free.

Promotional Codes

The use of a promotional code is subject to the former acceptance of the General Sales Conditions available at the address
To use your Promotional Code, you must indicate, on the recap page of your Cart (Order Summary) your Promotional Code in the field “Promotional Code”. Then click on the OK button to ensure your Code is taken into account. The discount will automatically be deducted from the total amount of your order. Promotional Codes can in no way be transformed into a refundable amount nor payable to customer. They are single use and valid from their setting out to the valid-to date indicated on the Site.  The Promotional codes usable on the Site can be obtained via different promotional activities launched by L’Atelier des Lacs.

Order and Terms of Payment

The Client who wants to purchase one or several of the Products displayed on the Site, places an online order for the Product(s) selected. The order validation placed by the Client on the Site is subject to the respect of the process described below:

Registration of an account on the Site

The Client can create an account on the site The User account creation section can be accessed directly from the menu bar at the top of the page. A login (ID) (name or mail address) and associated password will be requested, to be memorized.   During the recording of the account, the Client will be able to save his/her data (invoicing address, delivery address).  Every time he/she logs in (connection to registered account) the Client wishing to place an order or look up at his/her account (status of orders, addresses, dashboard, account details) will have to enter his ID and password.  

Selection of Products

On the Shop site page, the Client, after reading carefully all the pre contractual technical and commercial information, selects products (“Product”) of his choice; these Products are added to his/her shopping cart (hereafter “Shopping cart”). The Client may freely modify the Cart, delete a formerly selected Product, modify ordered quantities or else add a Product.

Products Confirmation and validation of Order

After ending up his/her selection the Client validates his/her order summary.  The Client also chooses the delivery option. If he has already logged into his account, the saved delivery address will be offered by default, with a possible change in the current order. The cost of delivery is calculated by L’Atelier des Lacs, depending on the option chosen by the Client, before any placing of order and before any payment. The delivery options are our partner’s COLISSIMO: collection pick-up points, home mailbox without signature-proof of delivery, home delivery with signature-proof of delivery.
The Client checks the order recap supplied by L’Atelier des Lacs, before final price validation, confirmation of invoicing and of the delivery mode then transition to “Payment” stage.

 Secure Payment

The Client chooses the payment method: payment in a PayPal account or by a BANK CARD processed using CYBERPLUS secure payment portal by Banque Populaire. During the next step, he/she will be offered to check all information, to acknowledge and agree these general terms and conditions of sales, by ticking the corresponding box, and then he/she will be requested to validate the order by ticking the “Order” box. Then the Client will be redirected to the secured online gateway to complete safely his/her personal credit card details, or references of his personal PayPal account. If the payment is accepted, the order is confirmed and the contract definitely formed.

Payment by PAYPAL account or bank card is irrevocable. In case of fraudulent use of the latter, the Client is entitled to claim for cancellation of the card payment. Amounts paid will be credited or returned. Liability of the bank card owner is not engaged if the contested payment has been effected fraudulently, at a distance and without physical use of the card. To be refunded a fraudulent debit and possible additional charges from this operation, the bank owner must register a complaint in writing, with his bank, within 70 days following the operation or even 120 days, when the contract binding them entitles him/her. Amounts paid will be refunded by the bank within one month maximum after receipt of the written complaint of the holder. No cost related to amounts refunded can be charged to the holder.

Acknowledgement of receipt of the Order

The confirmation of order involves acceptance of these conditions of sales, meaning a perfect knowledge of them and the renunciation to ones’ own terms of purchase or other conditions. All data supplied and order confirmation stored shall constitute proof of the transaction.   L’Atelier des Lacs commit themselves to acknowledge receipt of the Order by an Email sent to the electronic address provided by the Client when placing the Order or when registering on Site. The Client checks completeness and conformity of data he/she supplied when placing the order, particularly the delivery address.
Any extra charge following a reshipment of the order would be at the expense of the Client.
The Client is clearly informed that L’Atelier des Lacs may check and analyze the orders placed.

The acknowledgement of receipt of the Order sent to the Client by L’Atelier des Lacs will be filed by L’Atelier des Lacs and considered as valid proof for the Order and in particular, the date, price, products and quantities. The Order is automatically filed by L’Atelier des Lacs and the Client may access at any written notice. 

The Client may contact the company L’Atelier des Lacs, either by post at this address:
L’Atelier des Lacs, Siège social 45, rue Victor Hugo 74210 Faverges-Seythenex, France; or by email at:, or by telephone at this number +33 06 82 00 46 44.

Retention of title

The company L’Atelier des Lacs keeps the full and whole property of the products sold until the receipt of full payment, comprising the principal and any charges and taxes.


In accordance with Article L.121-20-2 of the “Code de la Consommation” (consumption code), the Client has fourteen business days from the delivery of his/her order to exercise the right of withdrawal and return the product to the Seller to get an exchange or a refund without penalty, except for the return shipping costs.

Order refusal

In accordance with Article L.121-20-2 of the “Code de la Consommation”, L’Atelier des Lacs reserve the right to refuse any Order from a Client in case of non-payment or partial payment, rejected means of payment or refusal of the payment by the bank account holder, but also in case of a previous litigation, related to the settlement of a previous order, or in case of an abnormal or bad faith order or placed from countries outside these GCS. In such a case, L’Atelier des Lacs shall inform the Client.

These General terms and Conditions of Sales apply equally to other means of orders (Email, facsimile, telephone, postal mail…).

Contracts evidence

The confirmations of orders filed by L’Atelier des Lacs certify a definite date to the order and they are proof of the legal consent of the Client to the concluded sale.

It is expressly agreed between L’Atelier des Lacs and the Client that electronic mails and electronic order confirmations will prevail between the parties.

It is recommended that the Client retains an electronic and/or paper copy of the elements of his/her order.

Deliveries shall be made to the address indicated on the purchase order form and may only take place within the agreed geographical area. Orders shall be delivered by LA POSTE via the COLISSIMO delivery tracking and drop-off system, with or without signature to the delivery address declared by the Client or at a COLISSIMO pick-up point chosen by the Client. Delivery date is only indicative; whenever it happens to be delayed by fifteen days from the order date, the sales contract may be terminated and the order amount shall be reimbursed.  The Company L’Atelier des Lacs may provide by mail to the Client a tracking number for his parcel.  Delivery home will be made by the Client’s usual postman. In case of absence of the Client, his/her postman will leave a delivery notice, enabling him/her to pick up the ordered products at the nearest Post office, within a period specified by the postal services. The risks of transport damage shall pass to the buyer from the time the goods leave L’Atelier des Lacs premises. The Client is expected to check the state and the packaging and contents at the time of the delivery. In case of transport damage any complaint must be made to the transport company within three days from the delivery.


All products delivered are covered by the legal guarantee as of Articles 1641 and seq. of the French “Code Civil”. In case of non compliance of product sold, it may be returned to the company l’Atelier des Lacs for an exchange or a refund. Any complaint, request for an exchange or a refund shall be expressed by electronic mail sent to the address:,

By postal mail at the following address: L’Atelier des Lacs Service Clients: 45, rue Victor Hugo 74210 Faverges-Seythenex , France within thirty (30) days from delivery.


The company L’Atelier des Lacs, in the process of online sale, is held only by a best effort undertaking. Their responsibility shall not be held liable for damages arising from the use of the Internet such as losses of data, intrusion, virus or disruption of service, or other involuntary problems.

Intellectual Property

All elements of the website are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of L’Atelier des Lacs. No one is authorized to reproduce, to exploit, to rerun, or to use whatever title it is, even partially, the elements of the website, under the form of a photograph, logo, visual or text.

Personal data

The company L’Atelier des Lacs commit themselves to preserve the confidentiality of the data submitted by the Client, that they would have to transmit for certain services. Collection and processing of personal data of the Client are solely for the use of L’Atelier des Lacs and their staff for the management of the commercial relationship. L’Atelier des Lacs is responsible for the process of the data and their recipient. These data shall not be transferred to a third-party. The personal data are kept for the time necessary for a sound management of the commercial relation.  According to the Acts and Regulations, notably, the Law No 78-17 on Computer Technology and Freedom dated 6 January 1978), so called “Loi Informatique et Libertés”, modified by the law dated 6th August 2004 and the EU Regulation No2016/679 dated 27th April 2016, the User has the rights of access, rectification, opposability, portability and deletion of personal data. He/she can make such a request at any time.

– By electronic mail:,
– By postal mail : L’Atelier des Lacs service Clients : 45, rue Victor Hugo 74210 Faverges-Seythenex, France.

Placing an order with L’Atelier des Lacs involves transmission of personal data by the Client which are indispensable for the process of the request. In case of error in this data, L’Atelier des Lacs shall not be held responsible for the impossibility of delivering the product.

Applicable Law and competent jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute relating to the GSC or to the order, the Client shall question the Customer service of L’Atelier des Lacs with a view to find a fair solution together. Failing an amicable solution, the dispute shall be submitted to consumption mediation. The parties remain free to accept or refuse the use of consumption mediation.

It is suggested to appeal to the mediator established by the FEVAD, as described at this address:
The solution proposed by the mediator, is not imposed on the parties. Nevertheless, before appealing to the Mediator, the Client will have to submit a claim to the customer service at this address:

Present distance selling conditions are subject to the French Law. For any and all dispute and actions arising, the competent jurisdiction is Annecy Court. On the assumption of a translation in foreign languages of these General Terms and Conditions of Sales, only the French version will be valid.

Last update : January 2nd, 2022